Why pollute the ground and water systems; why waste such a wonderful resource when it can so easily be ‘treated’ to produce a wonderful rich fertiliser?

If you have any doubts about using it on your vegetable gardens – the Chinese have used if for thousands of years (see Farmers of Forty Centuries by FH King, a classic) directly on their gardens without making a great impact on reducing their population through it – then just use if for the fruit trees. For the vegetable garden anyway, you just make a great worm compost system and then you have the best of both worlds. I’ve done another entry here titled WORM COMPOSTING

Again, if you’ve doubts, and in any case to be safe with it, try to site your shit composting and the garden ┬áseparately, or at least with the shit below the garden rather than the other way round. Gravity’s good and predictable in that way. ┬áPrinciple: Relative Location.

Here’s a design that works a treat: a friend on the north coast of New South Wales in Australia (sub-tropical) worked for years to get the specifications just right. All you ever shovel out is sweet dark compost. Worms of course can be added too, and a urine separator is always worthwhile. No waiting at all as with the double-bin system, so it takes less space too.

compost toilet – MinimusCTandSpecs[1]

With thanks to Lee Davidson of The Channon, northern NSW, Australia