Worms are amazing! All we need to do, is give them what they need! Then they do the rest. Simple as that. So,

What do they need, or not need?

  • Like any compost system, the worm compost system needs to be shaded
  • the material in which they live needs to be moist, but NOT wet. A rough test is to take a handful of the organic material you are feeding them , or the material which the worms have already eaten and processed. Squeeze it strongly and if you get more than a drop or so of moisture dripping out, then it’s too wet. The worms can easily drown! Too dry doesn’t work either, but it’s no rocket science to know what that moisture level is.
  • Best to avoid, or put minimum citrus or onion in it. Also minimum cooked material
  • NO meat – worms are strictly vegetarian!
  • They don’t need to be disturbed excessively. Just leave them and they will do their stuff incredibly well. They will:
    • not go where it is too wet or dry
    • not eat food they don’t like
    • will aerate the material beautifully, so you need to do nothing except add their food

You don’t need to be too fussy about what kind of worms you use. They’re all doing what they do best, and I feel better using local worms any way, rather than introducing another exotic species unnecessarily. Give them what they need, and they will thrive beyond your imagination!


Start with 200 mature worms in a well created wormculture system

Average reproduction 30 per worm/month (very conservative for good conditions)


1 month 200X30 6000

6 months 180,000

12 “ 5,400,000

18 “ 162,000,000

24 “ 4,860,000,000

This is approximately 5 thousand million worms after 2 years, from 200!!





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